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House Flipping

At Green Nation General Contracting, we take pride in our work. We are experienced in home renovation. Having worked closely with many home flippers that hire us to do the work, we know what is expected. Understanding the structure of historic homes is what sets us apart in upgrading a home; a dated, more modern living space without compromising it’s historic value.

home renovation

First: Old and dated living room.

home renovation

After: Fresh, upgraded and current living room.

It’s important to understand where a company begins. To trust a brand means knowing their history and work ethic. The story of Green Nation began in the early 90’s with David Rogers. He started up his own roofing company called Rogers Roofing. Steven Rogers, his son, worked closely beside him to learn and understand the business. It was in the early 2000’s that David retired and Steven decided to expand and start up his own roofing company. Through the years of meeting and building relationships with repeated customers, Steven took another step to expand to as a general contractor and starting Green Nation General Contracting.

home renovation

Green Nation crew members inspecting the home before renovation.

home renovation

Green Nation crew members hard at work on this home renovation.

Home Renovation

With over 21 years of experience, great family value, trustworthy team and excellent work ethic, Green Nation began partnering up with many home-flippers to do home renovations all over North Texas.

home renovation

Before-Dark, outdated kitchen.

home renovation

Finally a Clean, fresh and modern kitchen.

As a trusted contracting company, we believe in providing quality work, honest service and budget friendly prices. Next, we’re family-owned and operated so Steven and the team are very hands-on, to making sure each and every project is done correctly. Home renovations are some of the projects we really enjoy. Last but not least, the before and after of a home renovation is always the most exciting to see.

home renovation

A widen entry way opens up the space of this beautiful home in Fort Worth, Texas.

home renovation

Finally, Complete view of living room space.

home renovation

At last, Complete side view of kitchen entrance.

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