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Home Repair Project

This homeowner contacted Green Nation General Contracting after they realized they needed a home repair. Their wood was rotting from years of leaking. The damage was due to water from rain and storms. The damage of wood rot can accumulate over the years until the damage is so severe that it can change the structure of a home. Home Repairs need immediate attention before they get worse and can cost you more in the long run. Green Nation strongly suggests paying attention to your home repair needs. Acting quickly can prevent further damage on a home.

home repair

After the Green Nation team replaced the rotting wood and matched the shingles to the original.

After our team repaired the damage, by replacing the rotting wood and shingles to be cohesive with the original wood and shingles, the roof looked as good as new. The homeowner was very pleased as he stated that he knew his home needed the repair much sooner. Home repairs are essential to the longevity of a home. Wood rot can cause some health damages. To protect your family and yourself, taking immediate action to fix your home repairs is highly recommended.

Home repair

After years of rain and storm damage, the water caused the wood to rot. Home in Fort Worth, Texas.

The aftermath of years of leaking damage caused so much wood rot. The home physically started deteriorating and falling apart. Had this home owner paid more closely attention to the damage of this much needed home repair, it may have prevented such severe damages. Thankfully, our skilled crew members at Green Nation are professionally trained to replace and rebuild.

At Last, we were able to successfully fix the damages preventing further wood rot to the rest of the roof and home. A fresh home repair allows a family to feel safe. The safety of a home can also prevent health issues.

Home Repair

Green Nation Crew members replaced and repaired the damage seamlessly.

Green Nation crew members completely removed the damages and seamlessly replaced the old, rotten wood, with fresh wood. The home’s damages are no longer visible. Matching paint would complete this renovation. Upgrading your home is a service we offer at Green Nation General Contracting.

In conclusion, Green Nation firmly believes in taking quick action to home repairs and minor repairs. Home repairs add value to your home.

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